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What Is A Cargo Seal?

Cargo seals play a crucial role in securing goods during transportation, ensuring that they reach their destination intact and without any tampering. When it comes to containers, there are various types of cargo seals used to provide this security.


What Are The Seals On A Container?

Cargo seals are devices used to secure containers, preventing unauthorized access and protecting the contents within. They come in different forms and have varying levels of security measures.

The first type of cargo seal commonly used is the bolt seal. These seals consist of a metal bolt and a locking mechanism that can only be opened with specific tools or keys. Bolt seals provide high tamper-evidence and durability, making them ideal for high-value shipments.

Cable seals are another popular option for container security. They feature a steel cable threaded through a locking mechanism and securely crimped or clamped shut. Cable seals offer versatility as they can be easily applied to different container sizes. Their removal does not require specialized tools, providing convenience for shippers and receivers while maintaining effective security.

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Barriers seals add an extra layer of security to containers by incorporating breakable parts that reveal evidence of tampering. These seals typically consist of plastic or metal straps with unique markings or serial numbers that clearly indicate if they have been cut or broken. Barrier seals are highly tamper-resistant, often used for shipments requiring maximum security.


Tamper-evident tape is another type of cargo seal commonly utilized on containers. This tape leaves behind residue or visible indications if removed or manipulated, serving as evidence of unauthorized access attempts. Tamper-evident tape offers an affordable option for securing containers while maintaining traceability.


Choosing the most suitable cargo seal depends on factors such as the desired level of security, ease-of-use, and budget considerations. For valuable shipments where maximum protection is necessary, bolt or barrier seals provide the greatest peace of mind. If flexibility and convenience are essential, cable seals offer advantages due to their easy application and removal process.


In summary, cargo seals are vital in ensuring the security of containers during transportation. Different types of cargo seals, such as bolt seals, cable seals, barrier seals, and tamper-evident tape, provide varying levels of protection while maintaining traceability. Shippers and receivers must choose the appropriate type of seal based on their specific needs to safeguard their valuable goods throughout the supply chain.