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Security Seals

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Transport Seals

Transport seals are crucial in the supply chain for transport security. To guarantee that cargo and commodities are received safely and securely, it is essential to protect the contents and identify shipments.

Companies that carry goods take extra precautions to safeguard the safety and security of the goods due to cargo thefts, however occasionally those precautions are insufficient. This is why the majority of logistics and freight forwarding companies utilize security seals and transport seals as deterrents.

One of the various methods businesses employ to safeguard goods they need to move is the usage of the transport seal. In addition to keeping the contents safely locked up, it enables the owners of the storage facility or trailer to identify who last handled the item. Additionally, it is a means through which logistical businesses may reassure their customers that nothing will be harmed or lost in transit. The distinctive design of the seals usually makes all of this easy. The majority of the time, a security code is put on a seal in a form that makes it difficult to conceal tampering.

A transport seal might be made of metal or plastic. A transport seal made primarily of plastic might take the shape of a pull-tight closure or a padlock seal, however metal makes up the majority of padlock seals. Ball seals, bolt seals, and cable seals are some of the most used types of metal seals.

The most typical kind of security seal is a plastic seal used for transportation security.

Seals made of plastic are frequently employed in shipping and temporary damage prevention. Given that plastic-type seals are among the most affordable shipping container seals, if you had to choose between security and price, you would probably choose a high-security cable seal or bolt seal.

Why Will You Choose Security Seals?

Security seals has been in operation for more than 35 years and produces a variety of labels, plastic cards, and security seals. We provide technical support for all of our products and applications because of our team’s extensive expertise and years of experience. When you first get in touch with us, we’ll offer you a variety of samples to test and see what you like. After that, we’ll draught a design so the customer can see the final result before moving through with production. Some of our customers have commented that our seals are more lasting, stronger, and of higher quality than those provided by their prior providers.

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