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Tamper Evident Seals


An extensive selection of tamper-evident seals with even additional security are available from Security Seals.

Businesses and brands across multiple industries benefit greatly from tamper evident seals and packaging. Tamper Evident Seals is both essential and required in various areas, such as the food, beverage and tamper evident seals for pharmaceuticals sectors. Others benefit from the protection it offers across the entire supply chain and distribution network.

When a sealed object has been tampered with, it is easy to tell thanks to tamper evident security seals. They are easily broken, unlike other security seals, because their purpose is to deter and demonstrate entrance rather than to prevent it. Tamper tags, which are widely used in the food, pharmaceutical, and defence industries, are essential for the transportation and distribution of goods since they help to reduce product damage and increase product safety. 

Additionally, they help to boost client confidence by ensuring them that the product is secure and unaltered. In turn, this raises the likelihood that the customer will buy the product and repurchase it, decreasing the risk that they would have a bad experience with it and boosting business sales.

There are many different types of tamper-evident seals available to suit every product and market. We also offer:

Tamper Evident Tape, which is frequently used for shipping containers, has patterns that become misaligned once the package is opened.

Tamper Evident Seals are crucial in making sure that goods are fit for purchase. At Labelprint, we provide a choice of tamper-evident seals to suit a range of products. All of our seals abide by the pertinent Irish and EU laws as well as the ISO 17712 high security seal and GSV standards.

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