Security Seals (Label Print)

Security Seals

Cargo Seals


Cargo seals secure the individual containers located in goods containers during the transportation process. Used alongside container seals, they are also highly effective in theft prevention, a very real risk in the transportation of goods which has the potential to cost the company millions. 

Types of seals 

Plastic security seals– these tampering evident seals provide the perfect cost-effective solution for short-term applications. They are fully customisable and come in a range of colours.

Metal security seals– Made from corrosion-resistant metal, these seals are specifically designed to provide cargo with the highest protection, providing the perfect solution for long-term applications.

Steel cable security seals– These top security seals can only be removed by a bolt cutter and are specially designed to provide maximum protection during the transportation of hazardous chemicals.

Cargo seals play an essential role in ensuring that products remain secure. Here at Labelprint, we offer a range of cargo seals. All our seals comply with the relevant Irish and EU legislation and meet ISO 17712 high security seal and GSV standards. For more information contact one of our experts today on: