Security Seals (Label Print)

Security Seals

Container Seals


Container Seals are used to secure the contents of goods containers during the transportation process. This one-time door lock serves to prevent unauthorised access to the container minimising the risk of theft, maintaining container cleanliness, and in some instances retaining a set temperature. 

Made from heavy-duty steel and coated in an anti-corrosive, weather-resistant plastic, container seals are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and last for the duration of the journey, (this could take a number of months). The seal must not be opened until it has reached its final destination and has been inspected for signs of tampering.

They come in a variety of different forms catering to the product and transportation method. These include:

Bolt Seals– bolt seals have been deemed the most secure type of container seal and are commonly used as a result. Each bolt has a unique code on both the pin and sealable barrel which is used to identify the cargo seals throughout the transportation process.

E-seals– instead of having a code printed directly onto the bolt’s hardware, an RFID chip is inserted. This chip allows authorised devices to view their individual code, facilitating the identification process at customs.

Container seals play an essential role in ensuring that products remain secure throughout the transportation process. Here at Labelprint, we offer a range of container seals, catering to a variety of products. All our seals comply with the relevant Irish and EU legislation and meet ISO 17712 high-security seal and GSV standards. For more information contact one of our experts today on: