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Security Seals
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Biodegradable Seals

Keep Your Product Secure with Biodegradable Seals

These are security seals with biodegradable components. During manufacture, a unique additive is added to the raw material to increase the biodegradability of our security seals.

Our biodegradable security seals also adhere to the EU Regulation No. 10/2011 on food contact plastic materials as well as the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDA).

Heavy metals are not included in the formulation of our biodegradable security seals. Ecotoxicity testing also confirms that there aren’t any leftovers like metabolites, un-degraded components, or inorganic components that might harm plant development, earthworms, or freshwater creatures.

Plastics will take millennia to biodegrade in their manufactured state. We have evaluated numerous additive technologies that might improve the biodegradability of our goods. We have now partnered with our technology supplier to develop an additive that is:

  • Biodegradable Tamper Seals are simple to use;
  • Unaffected by the qualities of the products relative to their untreated state.
  • Food is safe and meets FSA standards
  • Recyclable to the same extent as its untreated form;
  • Biodegradable only when the product is in a setting with strong microbial activity, particularly in garbage and composting facilities;
  • The items are not biodegradable after production and don’t need special storage once they get to your storage facilities.

The inclusion of the biodegradable additives has no effect on the goods’ physical or marking qualities, according to testing and verification done by Labelprint in comparison to untreated items.

Why choose Security seals?

We work hard to create the ideal seal for your needs, drawing on our many years of experience and a sizable number of satisfied repeat clients. In order for you to decide what you want, we will provide you a variety of examples when you first get in touch with us. After that, we will draw up artwork so the customer can see the final result before moving through with production. Some of our customers say that compared to their prior providers, our seals are stronger, more resilient, and of higher quality.

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